Jazz singer, composer and arranger.

Her extensive musical background has crossed the evocative atmosphere of ancient music, the warmth and improvisation of jazz music, the aesthetics of belcanto, the daring singing of contemporary repertoire. The exploration of intimate, versatile and intense sounds, combined with the improvisation experienced as an “expressive possibility” outside the stylistic connotations, are the result of the continuous vocal and musical research that pursues.

She began her training in medieval music, approaching the vocal repertoire of the 13th and 14th centuries. It will follow an intense concert activity during which she will collaborate with several ensembles of ancient music. She continued her studies in modern and jazz vocal technique, then she deepened her knowledge in arrangement and composition in jazz music. She graduated in Jazz Music at the “L.Refice” Conservatory of Frosinone with full marks. Her steady need for research in the vocal field lead her to refine herself with the study of belcanto and contemporary music.

At the same time she begins to perform as a jazz singer and starts to collaborate with various musicians of the Italian jazz and contemporary scene, in various ensembles.

Her musical activity remains constant and fervid over time and consists of performances in jazz clubs, theatrical performances, festivals and national and international festivals including: “Festival de la Musique” in Nantes; “Festival Internazionale di Musica” in Prague; “Concerti al Parco” at the Oratorio of Caravita in Rome; “Fiuggi Guitar Festival”; “Atina Jazz”; “Notti Cangianti e Letture d’Estate”, in Rome; “InChiostro 2011”, Les chansonniers with the Jazz Conservatoire Orchestra “L. Refice” in Frosinone; “InChiostro 2012”, with Orchestra Laboratorio led by Greg Burk ; as arranger in the “Pink Jazz” project, with the Jazz Conservatoire Orchestra “L. Refice” di Frosinone conducted by Roberto Spadoni; “Acuto Jazz Festival”; “Leeds Lieder Festival” at Leeds College of Music; “Frontiers” at Birmingham Conservatoire.

She has devised, arranged and interpreted the project “Like I Was On A Cloud. An Homage To Jeanne Lee “(performed in 2013 at the “L.Refice” Music Conservatory in Frosinone and at ” Koninklijk Conservatorium” in Brussels in 2014).

The most recent music projects where she was involved include “Contemporary Duet”, “Voices”, “Otherwise Quartet”, “Horace Tapscott’s Dream”, “A Different Point Of View”.

Her artistic collaborations include: M° Ennio Morricone and M° Luca Francesconi for contemporary music (the theatre play “Concerto Apocalittico” with text by Stefano Benni, the recording of the soundtrack for the movie “Vatel, in 2000, director Roland Joffè and music by M° Ennio Morricone), the “Ensemble Micrologus” for ancient music, the “Kammerton” jazz vocal ensemble by Fabrizio Cardosa.

She has collaborated on the following recording projects: “Hospitale dè Pazzi Incurabili” by Fabrizio Cardosa (2004); “Più Nove” (2009), by Angelo Schiavi, “Voices” by Sabino de Bari (2012), “Maintenant” (2015) and “Live at Acuto Jazz” (2017) by Lucia Ianniello.

Her latest music project as leader is entitled “On a Cloud”. It is a tribute to the art of Jeanne Lee, a jazz singer of rare elegance: a musical journey that inspires, takes up and elaborates on her artistic world. The CD has been released in January 2019 for the English label SLAM Productions.

Graduated in Psychology, she carries out an intense teaching activity as a teacher of modern vocal technique, jazz repertoire, jazz and contemporary improvisation, music ensemble and vocal ensembles, combining her training in the psycho-pedagogical field with her vocal and artistic research.

She’s been living in London for some years, where she continues his activity both as singer and teacher.

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