Live at Acuto Jazz

Anno pubblicazione: 2017
“Live at Acuto Jazz” by Lucia Ianniello ed. SLAM Productions
  • Lucia Ianniello -  C trumpet and objects
  • Diana Torti -  voice  (except on tracks 1)
  • Andrea Polinelli -  soprano and alto saxophone and flute
  • Paolo Tombolesi -  keyboards
  • Cristina Patrizi -  electric bass


  1.  Our Summer (Lucia Ianniello)
  2.  Peyote Song No. III (Jesse Sharps)
  3.  Other (Lucia Ianniello)
  4.  Little Africa (Linda Hill – Horace Tapscott)
  5.  Dessert Fairy Princess (Jesse Sharps)
  6.  Quagmire Manor at Five A.M. (Michael Session)
  7.  Ballad for Samuel (Horace Tapscott)
  8.  Maintenant (Lucia Ianniello)
  9.  Eternal Egypt Suite, part 4 (of four parts) (Fuasi Abdul Khaliq)
All tracks are arranged by Lucia Ianniello except track 4, arranged by Paolo Tombolesi