Anno pubblicazione: 2015

  “Maintenant” by Lucia Ianniello ed. Slam Productions (UK)
    All tracks are arranged by Lucia Ianniello
  • Lucia Ianniello – Bb and C trumpets, flugelhorn, effects and objects
  • Diana Torti – voice (except on tracks 2 and 3)
  • Giuseppe La Spina – guitars (except on tracks 2 and 3)
  • Paolo Tombolesi – keyboards, acoustic bass and percussions


  1. Maintenant (Lucia Ianniello)
  2. Ballad for Samuel (Horace Tapscott)
  3. Our Summer (Lucia Ianniello)
  4. Desert Fairy Princess (Jesse Sharps)
  5. Other (Lucia Ianniello)
  6. Peyote Song No. III (Jesse Sharps)
  7. Sicily (Giuseppe La Spina)
  8. Préliminaires Amoureux (Lucia Ianniello)