She teaches jazz and modern vocal techniques, jazz and modern repertoire, jazz and contemporary improvisation, instrumental and vocal ensemble music.

In her teaching she combines the tools acquired through her psycho-pedagogical training with the teaching of singing and musical disciplines. Always attentive to the interaction between the two areas, she integrates her skills with insights in the branch of Music Therapy, personality development through vocality, free self-expression through music and vocal improvisation.

She successfully prepares students for exams, auditions and performances.

She collaborates regularly with numerous music schools and music services, holding individual and group lessons, choirs, workshops and masterclasses.

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  1. I had the honor of having Diana Torti as a teacher for seven years: patience, professionalism and love for her students and always constant quality. Her help was invaluable to the success of my demo, thank you.

  2. Diana Torti is not just a beautiful person and an extraordinary singer. She is also an excellent teacher, always encouraging, helpful, open, passionate and clear in the explanations. She has been able to not let me forget anything of what I learned from her. She has been indispensable in my musical path, I really do not know where I would be without her!

  3. Con Diana ho incontrato la mia voce e con lei sono riuscito a farla vivere con impensabili sfumature.

    With Diana I met my voice and with her I managed to make it live with unthinkable shades.

  4. I started studying singing with many insecurities, Diana was wonderfully sweet, patient and professional in letting me discover my voice and constantly stimulating myself to get involved.
    Thank you very much Diana!

    Ho iniziato a studiare canto con molte insicurezze, Diana รจ stata meravigliosamente dolce, paziente e professionale nel farmi scoprire la voce e nello stimolarmi costantemente a mettermi in gioco.
    Grazie di cuore Diana!

  5. I have had Diana for my singing teacher for nearly three years now and have thoroughly enjoyed our lessons together. (face to face and zoom) She is a kind and patient teacher who helps you to believe in yourself as a singer. She has introduced me to a freer style of singing, encouraging me to challenge myself to experiment with improvisations within the songs I learn. My voice has become richer and my breathing technics have hugely improved and my repertoire has expanded into different genres and languages.

    Thank you Diana.

  6. I started my singing lessons with Diana about 3 years ago. It has been an incredible journey and taught me so much about music and given more value and joy to my singing. Diana is a brilliant teacher who is patient, kind and wonderful. When she is teaching she is really in her element of expertise. I have learnt so much and improved with each lesson, it is quite incredible! I have gained so much confidence with Diana teaching me and at a pace which was comfortable for me. Diana is an experienced and knowledgeable teacher and is more than happy to teach me different styles and techniques that support me in my needs. It really feels that there are no limits to learning and improving with her, which is one of my favourite things about my singing lessons.Every week I eagerly await my singing lesson as it makes for a fun, enjoyable break from my busy schedule.

    Thank you so much Diana!

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